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Industry:  Digital Real Estate Platform

Solution:  Operational Readiness

The Ask

Change is inevitable, with new technologies and team member updates it can cause a variety of disruptions to a brand’s day-to-day.  

When a large digital Real Estate platform was looking to introduce new platforms and governance as part of their digital transformation journey, they sought support  to encourage adoption. Key areas for socialization included:

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Enterprise Data Strategy and Governance Standards
  • Measurement Framework for all communication efforts

The Approach

To operationalize a suite of new capabilities and standards coming online at the same time we developed:

  • A comprehensive workflow and RACI
  • Focus on agile communication
  • A collaboration tool for further automation

By providing Proof of Concept phases throughout the project, we were able to further improve processes prior to broadly launching across the enterprise through a series of roadshows dedicated to socialization.

The Outcome

Through the implementation of organizational change management the brand was able to:

  • Rapidly deliver Enterprise adoption of new capabilities significantly reducing time-to-value
  • Drive clarity and collaboration across seven distinct and historically siloed teams: Line of Business Strategy, Martech, Media, Product, IT, Analytics and Legal teams
  • Integrate advanced capabilities into new communication strategies without degradation of the customer experience or impact to internal timelines
  • Successfully deliver 11 test and learn initiatives in six months dedicated to evaluating mechanisms that improve customer experiences and increase ROIIn
  • crease adoption of an existing collaboration tool previously underutilized

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