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Welcome to your March newsletter from Transparent Partners!  Spring arrives this month bringing us warmer weather, budding plants, and an instinct to clean, refresh and build new things.  Our reason for being at Transparent Partners is to help you and your brand thrive in this ever-evolving, complex space where customer-centric communications are critical to drive growth.  

To that end, we are happy to announce that we have refreshed our website and content calendar just in time for spring.  Our solutions aim to solve the pressing challenges impacting those striving to be modern, data-driven and customer-centric marketers.  

We have three objectives in mind for this refresh:  1)  Be as helpful of a resource to our clients as possible, 2) Future-proof the solutions and perspectives we put forward, and 3) Be specific about where we are best positioned to help and why.  We’ve already covered the first item so let’s elaborate on what we mean by future-proof and specificity.


Gradually, then suddenly” is a Hemingway phrase not about technology but it resonates a-lot as we reflect on recent developments.  We just experienced artificial intelligence becoming a useful reality since ChatGPT was released in November of last year.  AI isn’t a new thing but all of a sudden it’s at the top of our collective imaginations.  This is true whether we are everyday consumers, or the technologists, product owners and marketers building new tools and experiences.

We are seeing a host of consumer shifts around technology capabilities, data architectures, and regulatory changes.  Marketers will quickly need to understand and have a plan to take action accordingly.

Future-Proof topics include things like:

  • Data-cloud architecture which brings significant advantages to making use of customer data in addition to creating much more flexibility to design a stack (i.e. composable) with the set of capabilities best suited to a brand’s use cases.  
  • Full Funnel Marketing strategies that include the need to understand where consumers are in their journey, in order to customize communications.  Next, they would measure the returns across their broader set of brand marketing and lower funnel activations.
  • Data Clean Room technologies which enable new ways to collaborate and share data between advertisers, publishers and retailers in a privacy compliant way.  
  • The rise of Retail Media Networks which is changing the ecosystem and market dynamics for advertising inventory, activations and measurement.

We expect that the above types of developments will have their “gradually, then suddenly” moments that every modern marketer will need to be ready to harness as an opportunity.

Specificity Where We Are Best Positioned to Help You

We understand that there are a variety of options for brands to seek guidance around modern, data-driven marketing.  This ranges from agencies, to technology vendors, and to consultancies (large and small).  We have positioned our solutions around how we practically help you to do the following things for your brand:

  • Maximize the Potential of Your Consumer Data
  • Increase the Return on Your Technology Investments
  • Optimize Your Media and Measure ROI
  • Enable Processes that Promote Change
  • Accelerate Progress by Filing Resource Gaps
  • Gain More from Your Data Assets

Please explore our solutions related to each of the above objectives and drill down into the specific offerings underneath each solution to get a sense for how we approach solving.  We are always willing and happy to talk with you about your specific challenges and opportunities. 

Reach out to discuss your Spring plans and how we can support your brand in today and tomorrow’s data-driven world.

Josh Vincent, Partner, Data & Analytics