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The current programmatic space is a closed box.

The biddable media space has been ever evolving and is, at times, a murky place for brands. A programmatic supply chain study in 2020 identified that up to 15% of total advertiser spend is categorized as “unattributable” within the programmatic space. An updated 2022 study on select advertisers and DSPs was able to close the “unattributable” gap to 3%. Although, the challenges with traceability of a brands working dollars and efficiency within the supply chain remain. 

With unattributable dollars and an increasing number of touch-points at all stages of the buying process incurring fees, it’s no wonder that many advertisers have either given up, or don’t know where to begin to unravel programmatic transparency. 

However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Too often brands are continually struggling with data, tech and audience challenges resulting in inefficient and ineffective media performance that’s unable to deliver on a value-driven consumer experience. 

Common challenges we discovered from brands regarding their biddable media practice include: 

  • Data is too often is decentralized and misinterpreted across stakeholders
  • Due to the separation of technical systems and marketing, most martech and ad tech is misunderstood, underutilized, and disconnected
  • Without reliable and accessible customer data, audiences are compromised and ever-distant from digital targeting

Transparent’s Biddable Media Assessment.

To give brands a deeper look into their biddable media practice, Transparent Partners developed our namesake biddable media assessment. As one of the first independent firms to standardize a product highlighting transparency, efficiency, and optimization in biddable audits, the assessment aims to ensure biddable media dollars are being spent efficiently and the brand is effectively being represented to their audience. 

We utilize a proprietary approach that features 9 pillars to assess the biddable media practice with a deep analysis of a brand’s current data usage, media execution, internal organization, inventory buying strategy, deal structure, campaign quality, analytics, technology structure, and messaging to eliminate wasted investment and improve performance. 

This assessment delivers a comprehensive review of a brand’s programmatic objectives and gaps within each pillar, resulting in a detailed roadmap toward a future state. While a comprehensive grounds-up investigation of this nature unlocks a trove of insights and actionable solutions, there’s also value in focused assessments to answer a singular biddable challenge. Hence, we adapted our full scale product into a targeted design to deliver a view of media efficiency and optimization-rapidly. 

Introducing the Rapid Efficiency Assessment for Biddable Media.

We developed a Rapid Efficiency Assessment to help our clients quickly (as little as 4 weeks!) determine the state of their biddable media practices and uncover opportunities for growth in performance. 

The Rapid Efficiency Assessment for Biddable Media focuses on identifying immediate opportunities for optimization and cost savings across the following three areas of your biddable media practice: Deal Structure (Vendor and Agency), Biddable Performance & Campaign Quality, and Technology & Data Application. 

Designed to be low-touch for brand team participation, the assessment consists of three phases: 

  1. Discovery: Establish a foundational understanding of current practices through digestion and interpretation of client provided artifacts (contracts, reports, diagrams, etc.) and input forms
  2. Analysis: Compare findings against industry benchmarks and best practices to expose gaps and areas of opportunity
  3. Solutioning: Bring key stakeholders together in a workshop setting to add context, incorporate additional considerations, and support solutioning resulting in future state recommendations and anticipated value

What value can a Rapid Efficiency Assessment for Biddable Media bring to your Brand? 

In as little as 4 weeks, a Rapid Efficiency Assessment can provide significant media health benefits including:

  • Cost Savings: Identify potential cost savings opportunities within vendor and/or agency contracts 
  • ROI: Greater ROI through an increase in working media dollars and more effective deployment of media budgets
  • Efficiency: Efficiencies through improved technology and/or data use
  • Performance: Increased performance and brand loyalty through the delivery of better customer experiences against brand KPIs
  • Transparency: Expose potential areas of opportunity to gain confidence in Programmatic buying practices
  • Speed: Accelerated adoption and support of proposed changes

We can help

Everyone needs a checkup every now and then, even our biddable practices. Whether you are seeing large declines in performance, are looking to save a little extra $$$ to fund innovation, or just want a bit more transparency into your programmatic spend, a biddable assessment is for you! 

We can help bring transparency into your biddable media practice efficiently. With us by your side, we will simplify this ever evolving space and ensure your programmatic practices are performing as best as they can.

If you are interested in uncovering the secrets behind your biddable media practices, connect with us at to learn more at Biddable Media Assessment and Biddable Media Optimization.

Allison Ninmann, Manager, Accounts