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Data clean rooms are one of the most talked about emerging technologies in the marketing space today. But what are they? Really? Brands want and need to be proactive when it comes to maximizing data collaboration opportunities while maintaining compliance with consumer privacy expectations and regulations. Are Data Clean Rooms the solution to the problem, and are we even sure what the problem is?

In this episode of Data Unlocked with Jason Davis, Transparent Partners CEO & Managing Partner, Aaron Fetters reflects back on the origins of data clean rooms and explores some of the use cases brands hope they enable. Touching on the value of log-level data files and throwing in a reference to Moneyball, he discusses how clean rooms can enable a new era of marketing planning, activation and analysis.

If you’re a retailer or travel and hospitality brand… you absolutely have to double and triple down on the technology, strategy, and capabilities that you have in-house to collect, curate, and activate your [first party] data.

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Aaron Fetters is a senior executive who has spent a 20+ year career delivering value for the world’s largest brands. Early in his career he was on the front line of the “digital revolution” at Procter & Gamble helping guide many of their brands into the digital advertising and eCommerce era. He then spent several years at the Kellogg Company serving as director of the Insights and Analytics Solutions Center overseeing a broad marketing insights organization tasked with building leading-edge approaches in areas such as advanced digital marketing analytics as well as data management and programmatic strategies. More recently Fetters held the role of Executive Vice President Advertisers and Agencies at comScore where he progressed from leading a $6M CPG business to ultimately overseeing and growing $100M+ of total advertiser and agency revenue. Aaron later became a founding member of two venture backed advertising technology companies.