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Are you concerned about data privacy laws and how they impact your organization? Watch the following webinar, where our team discusses recently instituted consumer data privacy laws and their implications. Discover Transparent’s approach to ensuring regulatory compliance and learn how to capitalize on the business benefits enabled by a modern privacy program.

Protecting Your Customers and Your Business

Consumer data privacy is being emphasized more than ever.  This is due to significant increases in data privacy, security risks and audience expectations for control. 

“Two questions to ask yourself is one, do I know where all of my customer data lives within my organization? And two, do I have the right capabilities to efficiently and effectively identify and fulfill data subject rights requests and preferences.” – Eric Zalewski

Five U.S. states will have formally instituted their data privacy laws, with similar consumer rights and obligations by the end of 2023. Companies that fail to adhere to new data privacy laws and regulations risk compromising the end-user’s trust.  They additionally risk sustaining both the short and long term financial penalties and losses.

“A study by Ketch actually showed that companies can experience an increase in purchase intent by consumers by up to 23% if they are viewed as having responsible data practices. So said another way, sound and transparent privacy practices can really boost your brand affinity.” – Danny Mattis

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about how to approach privacy law compliance.  This includes how to reform, evaluate, validate, and regulate your organization based on the latest regulations. Watch the webinar and download the presentation to stay ahead of the curve in compliance!

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Danny Mattis, Director, Data & Analytics