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The Ask

With imminent changes in industry data privacy regulations and tools, we were asked to partner with a leading real estate company in executing a company-wide migration of customer data from a legacy platform to their new, in-house platform to ensure sustainable compliance.

Specifically, we were asked to design and facilitate the execution of a process that enables the company to standardize customer data management and governance across departments in order to ultimately gain a better understanding of the customer experience on their website.

The Approach

We established a data governance program, identified and prioritized products and their corresponding data needs, created formal technical specifications for data objects to be created by Data Engineers, and developed a scalable long-term solution for that process.

  • Data Governance: Partnered with customer data leadership to establish and socialize standard processes and function for data classification, storage and management across the organization
  • Data Identification and Prioritization: Collaborated with data producers to identify the highest priority customer data points and capture the business requirements for their configuration
  • Technical Specifications: Defined a structure/schema to collect and organize data needed to track customer events on their website and created technical specifications for high-priority events to be migrated
  • Scalable Solution: Facilitated the development and socialization of a self-service tool to scale customer event data technical specification / schema creation more efficiently and effectively 
  • Ongoing support: Managed a constant stream of feedback and queries from project managers to developers about our technical specifications and updated them accordingly

The Outcome

Worked with Data Producers, Data Scientists and Data Engineers from 31 teams to:

  • Facilitate a complex, company-wide customer data migration that meets tight externally driven timelines
  • Create and deliver ~750 technical specifications for high value events that are used by Data Engineers for data object creation and implementation
  • Develop a self-service tool to ensure the customer data migration approach is sustainable across many product teams
  • Establish a permanent Data Governance function, socializing and enforcing data governance standards that will improve efficiency and allow the company to leverage the most profitable aspects of their customer data
  • Spearhead communication and alignment between teams, establishing a process for future dialogue and decision-making

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