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The Ask

Identify areas of opportunity to incorporate advanced capabilities, increase adoption and eliminate inefficiencies within the the Brand’s Marketing technology infrastructure.

Elevate the Brand’s ability to deliver personalized, omni-channel customer experiences at scale.

The Approach

Executed a comprehensive assessment of current-state technologies, processes and skill sets as they relate to the Brand’s future-state ambitions, exposing numerous capability gaps and opportunities.

Assessing priorities based on effort and impact elevated the selection, configuration and adoption of an enterprise-grade CMS/DAM as the Brand’s highest priority. To support this effort, we coupled requirements exposed during the initial technology assessment with additional deep-dive insights to inform and guide:

  • The RFP process, evaluatory scorecard and decision
  • System configuration (taxonomy, permissions, workflows, etc.) and processes to support future-state ambitions
  • Migration of assets from existing systems along with seven cross- functional disciplines into the new tool and workflow
  • Delivery of comprehensive training and socialization to ensure adoption of the platform

The Outcome

Selected, configured the tool and migrated assets, teams and processes from four historically siloed systems in the span of three months

Created, drove alignment for and deployed an enterprise-wide taxonomy for existing and future assets

Evaluated over 160K assets and archived another 80K to minimize confusion and processing timelines

Executed nine customized training and education sessions to drive adoption of 200+ users

Delivered $200K+ in annual cost savings through system deprecation

Estimate $500K+ in anticipated savings through the reduction in man hours dedicated to:

  1. Managing four disparate systems/processes
  2. Navigating disorganized content for publication
  3. Manual QA/QC to prevent compliance violations

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