Rapid Solutions

rTMA™ - Rapid Tag Management Assessment

Organizations face serious challenges around capturing, managing and activating against data to fuel their precision marketing ambition. Marketers often struggle with the complexities of capturing 1st Party data from their owned properties and may not be fully aware of the risks imposed on them by 3rd Parties who are capturing data from these same properties.
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rPMA™ - Rapid Programmatic Media Assessment

Marketers face serious complexities around the technology systems, inventory models, deal structures, campaign quality, and other factors when investing in digital programmatic media. The lack of industry standards has exposed advertisers to waste, fraud, and opaque views of returns on investment. Transparent Partners has designed rPMATM to provide a comprehensive assessment of your programmatic buying practices to evaluate your operational process, identify and prioritize key areas for improvement, and implement a consistent set of practices to enhance performance. rPMATM also includes a foundational education session for your team with the latest developments and best practices on programmatic buying operations across data, media, labor, and technology.
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rMOA™ - Rapid Measurement and Optimization Assessment

Consumer privacy developments are disrupting marketers’ ability to precisely measure the impacts from digital media activation to drive optimization. New regulatory developments and limitations on cookies are creating confusion as to what is possible to measure and the accuracy of these measurements. A lack of clear direction toward the omni-channel, multi-touch measurement of sales attribution both online and in-store exposes marketers to inefficient media plans, opaque views on the returns from marketing investment, budget cuts, and lost growth opportunity. Transparent Partners has designed rMOATM to provide clarity on the measurement implications of the new regulatory and industry changes, an assessment of your current marketing measurement practices, and a roadmap toward realizing the promise of a virtuous cycle of optimization based on clear measurement signals.
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