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Modern Marketing Data Strategy

Data Privacy Readiness Plan

Why It Matters

As data privacy regulations continue to evolve and expand, as do the implications on data driven marketing. Marketers today need to reinvent their targeting and measurement methodologies in a world without cookies. Fear and uncertainty around penalties and fines even hold some brands back from leveraging their data assets at all. For data-driven marketers, it is important to take an active position in facilitating privacy and compliance decisions related to customer data usage.

Work With us

What We Offer

We can help you take control of data privacy by providing you with the tools you need to classify your data, ensure responsive compliance, manage consent and fulfill data subject rights. To ensure success in managing privacy compliance, we develop, implement, and operationalize comprehensive consumer data privacy policies, processes, and technologies to protect your customers’ data and stay ahead of privacy regulations.

Data Privacy Readiness Plan Deliverables

Privacy Technology Maturity & Current State Assessment

Data Procedure Design and Operationalization

Contract and Agreement Policy Review