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Martech and Adtech Optimization

Platform Operationalization

Why It Matters

Operationalization is critical to realizing and demonstrating the value of your technology investment. The challenges associated with generating enough utilization to see a quicker return and delivering on that demand are often underestimated.

What We Offer

We can help you fully operationalize your solutions with laser focus on value demonstration. We do this by enabling cross-functional processes and ways of working designed to break through silos, navigate barriers to action, and foster trust and collaboration across teams unified by a set of common objectives and goals.

Work With us

We specialize in operationalizing the following types of advertising and marketing technologies:

  • Data Platforms: Customer Data Platforms, Clean Rooms, and Data Warehouses
  • Privacy Platforms: Programmatic Privacy Tools and Consent Managers
  • Digital Marketing Technologies: Customer Relationship Managers, Marketing Automation Tools, Email Service Providers, Digital Asset Managers, Content Management Systems, Decision Engines
  • Advertising Technologies: Demand Side Platforms, Data Management Platforms, and Biddable Walled Gardens
  • Analytics Tools: Business Intelligence Platforms, Google Analytics, ROI Modeling and Incrementality Testing

Platform Operationalization Deliverables

Operating Model Design and Gap Analysis

Workflow and Process Design Enablement

Change Management Support