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Martech and Adtech Optimization

Platform Implementation

Why It Matters

Platform implementation project plans typically range anywhere from 6 to 18 months due to their complexity and high support demand from already-taxed technical functions within your organization.

What We Offer

We are dedicated to cutting your implementation timeline in half while delivering high quality output. We do this by working as an extension of your team at an accelerated pace to integrate, configure, test and activate against a set of prioritized use cases. In addition to hands-on technical support, we provide dedicated program management to coordinate workflow, facilitate progress, mitigate risk and escalate communication throughout the entire process.

Work With us

We specialize in implementing the following types of advertising and marketing technologies

  • Data Platforms: Customer Data Platforms, Clean Rooms, and Data Warehouses
  • Privacy Platforms: Programmatic Privacy Tools and Consent Managers
  • Digital Marketing Technologies: Customer Relationship Managers, Marketing Automation Tools, Email Service Providers, Digital Asset Managers, Content Management Systems, Decision Engines
  • Advertising Technologies: Demand Side Platforms, Data Management Platforms, and Biddable Walled Gardens
  • Analytics Tools: Business Intelligence Platforms, Google Analytics, ROI Modeling and Incrementality Testing

Platform Implementation Deliverables

Implementation Project Plan

Program Management

Hands-on Engineering Support