Case Studies

Digital Media Assessment

Assessed a leading telecom network’s  digital activation tactics, inventory strategy, and buying process. Assessment identified opportunities to increase existing media budget’s impact up to $14.8MM, accounting for approximately 46% of 2017 digital media budget.

Systems & Platform Enhancement

Partnered with a global CPG client to connect systems and data points for a 360-degree view of customers across paid and owned channels, to ensure targeting and messaging synchronization. Client recognized $3MM+ savings in systems migration and improved operational execution.

Organizational Infrastructure & Operating Model

Worked with a top industry global hospitality client to evaluate the ideal programmatic buy-side platform and operating model. Designed an enhanced operating model to influence internal and agency process; resulted in 20%+ in cost efficiencies for programmatic activity.

Mobile App Data Connectivity & KPI Evolution

Managed and connected various platforms and data sets to evolve media KPI to be based off of unique app events and user value. Once evolved KPIs were implemented and optimized against, Monthly Active Users month over month growth rose to 42%+, compared to 9% the previous month focusing on purely Cost Per Install.